Are woman’s garments worth wearing?
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Are woman’s garments worth wearing?

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AS women's garment, shapewear has a long history. In some TV dramas set in the Middle Ages, female characters often wear shapewear. The plot of Scarlett in Gone with the Wind wearing a shapewear is still remembered by many fans. So, are woman’s shaping garments worth wearing?

The following is the outline:

  • What are the advantages of women's shaping garments

  • What are the disadvantages of woman's shaping garments

  • Are women's garemnts worth wearing


What are the advantages of woman's shaping garments

1. Outline a slim waist. Since ancient times, the waist-to-hip ratio has always been indispensable in the evaluation criteria of beauty. Although the aesthetic standards of waist-to-hip ratio are different in different periods, a slender waist has been pursued by many women. Women's shapewear can easily accomplish this goal.

2. Create an upright posture. In many cases, people's first impression of other people is not derived from facial makeup but from overall body impression. Shapewear is a special existence in women’s garment. It allows women to unconsciously straighten their figure and enhance their charm.

3. More youthful. If men mostly chase money and power, then women mostly chase youth. It can be said that all the efforts of female stars are to prolong their beauty.


What are the disadvantages of woman's shaping garments

1. A sense of bondage. Shapewear relies on external pressure to shape the overall shape of women. Therefore, the comfort of shapewear as women’s garment is far less than that of pure cotton clothing. This can also explain why Audrey Hepburn hated wearing shapewear in the movie Princess Diaries.

2. Affect normal breathing. In the Pirates of the Caribbean, the heroine fainted on the deck because she was out of breath in a body shaper, and the captain tore off the body shaper of the heroine to rescue her.

3. Improper wearing can be harmful to health. Shapewear can only shrink body shape within a certain limit, too tight shapewear is not good for the body. In ,, there are cases of actresses entering hospitals due to excessive shrinkage of their corsets.


Are woman's  shaping garments worth wearing

1. Judging by your own value. Value judgment determines value choice. In some important occasions such as weddings and celebrations that need to maintain their shape, shapewear, such as women’s garment, can help women increase their charm.

2. According to your own budget. Generally speaking, the price of high-quality shapewear is relatively high. Buying low-quality shapewear or shapewear that does not fit your own size may cause damage to your health.

3. According to your own experience. The easiest way to make a decision is to practice it yourself. Buy a mid-range shapewear, experience your acceptance of this type of women’s garment, and make a decision.


In short, woman’s shaping garments has pros and cons, and if used correctly, it can add color to yourself. Hangzhou Softvogue Investment Co., Ltd. is a professional women’s garment production and sales organization. Years of practice have given us a wealth of experience. We warmly welcome you to come here to enjoy high-quality and convenient services.

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