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Sustainable Fashion


SOFTVOGUE, the brand name is combined with ‘soft’ and ‘vogue’ , soft sometimes represents virtual but very important things like thinking ,ideal,confidence, mindset,etc, meaning the importance of a person, be vogue not only by out-looking but also inside-looking (with vogue thinking) , it is critical to make the world sustainable.


Soft sometimes meaning IT /AI /BIG DATA  technologies, by utilizing these technologies to make sustainable fashion. By virtualizing operations,we can streamline processes and reduce waste whenever possible. Make ourselves and our customers be carbon neutral or even carbon negative.   Born out of first hand frustration of fashion’s broken system, its wastefulness, and a conviction that digitization is the answer to efficiency, cost effectiveness, and true sustainability .Combining our deep understanding of fashion’s issues and utilizing the advance technological developments,  SaaS based virtual showrooms are designed to digitize processes downstream to design, enabling fashion businesses to be synchronous, agile, and truly sustainable.


Softvogue also means raw materials sci-tech Sustainable, is more than just a growing trend and sure a strong key word more attention in the fashion industry. In response to the strong demand from the industry,which focused on “sustainability” such as Ethical,Recycle,Eco-Friendly etc.

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