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Real Fur Garment:The main styles we have are coat,jacket,vest,scarf, collar and hat for men,ladies and kids. All our fur production are come from breeding animal like rabbit,raccon,lamb, mongolia sheep,fox,mink, etc...、Characteristic of real fur garment:
Warm:It can keep your body warm in very cold winter,separate your body from cold wind.  Its capacity of keeping  warm is more than any kind of garment made by other material.
Air permeability: Since the real fur have narural pore on the skin, it helpful to let the body wet go out, let you feel very comfortable in winter.
Luxury: It's easy to be understood, real fur is expensive, so the real fur garment  representation luxury.   

Strong: The fur grow on the skin naturally, so it's stonger than any artificial fur. It can be worn longer time.                                                  

Real Fur

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