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SOFTVOGUE, the brand name is combined with ‘soft’ and ‘vogue’ , soft sometimes represents virtual but very important things like thinking ,ideal,confidence, mindset,etc, meaning the importance of a person, be vogue not only by out-looking but also inside-looking (with vogue thinking) , it is critical to make the world sustainable.

Soft sometimes meaning IT /AI /BIG DATA  technologies, by utilizing these technologies to make sustainable fashion. By virtualizing operations,we can streamline processes and reduce waste whenever possible. Make ourselves and our customers be carbon neutral or even carbon negative.   Born out of first hand frustration of fashion’s broken system, its wastefulness, and a conviction that digitization is the answer to efficiency, cost effectiveness, and true sustainability .Combining our deep understanding of fashion’s issues and utilizing the advance technological developments,  SaaS based virtual showrooms are designed to digitize processes downstream to design, enabling fashion businesses to be synchronous, agile, and truly sustainable.

Softvogue also means raw materials sci-tech Sustainable, is more than just a growing trend and sure a strong key word more attention in the fashion industry. In response to the strong demand from the industry,which focused on “sustainability” such as Ethical,Recycle,Eco-Friendly etc.

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Hangzhou Softvogue Investment Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2012, consists of two Business Units, Softvogue Fashions and Softvogue New Materials.

Softvogue Fashions is committed to becoming the thinker and the leader of promoting the development of fashion industry, serving global fashion brands, providing an end-to-end service, from design and development to finished product, creating value to clients located in dozens of countries all over Europe, America and Oceania.

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By digital technology of 3D design, we are able to speed up the sampling process, reduce textile waste, which is very important for us as sustainability is core value for Softvogue.Our customers (brands buyers) can see all the sizes,colors,styling,...with just the click of a button. The visual capab

If you observe film and television dramas carefully, you will find that bifurcated clothing has been widely welcomed by consumers as a type of women’s garment in various periods. The bifurcated design of Chinese traditional cheongsam has more meaning of victory, which is favored by many parents of c

As the saying goes, it is better to buy the right one if it is expensive. Instead of spending a lot of money on luxury clothes that are not suitable for you, it is better to choose cheap but suitable women’s garment, so that consumers will dress more stylishly. So, what should you pay attention to w

The wealthy characters in TV dramas often have a whole cloakroom, which is organized by a dedicated person, but most ordinary people still need to keep their women’s garment properly. So, how should women's clothing be preserved?The following is the outline:Why keep the women’s garment properlyHow t

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· We fully stand behind the manufacturing of our beauty garments and guarantee their quality and performance. In the case of a manufacturing defect, Softvogue will review each case and repair and/or replace at Softvogue’s discretion.

· Softvogue guarantee does not apply to products that have been misused or modified, products from brands other than Softvogue, products that have been repaired by anyone other than Softvogue.

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