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Brand Story

An individual's vogue can be divided into hard vogue and soft vogue. Hard vogue is visible, such as clothing, external behavior, and the embodiment of external image; Soft vogue refers to the vogue that can not be seen for the time being, such as advanced ideas, continuous learning state, self-discipline consciousness to promote their own continuous progress and development.


  If hard vogue is compared to visible computer hardware, then soft  vogue is computer software.


  If hard vogue is compared to visible body, soft vogue is soul.


  If hard vogue is compared to bone, then soft vogue is meridians.


  Hard fashion is tangible, soft fashion is intangible, intangible is better than tangible.

Brand Vision

To be the thinker and the leading power of the sustainable 

development of the global fashion industry

Brand Core Values

To provide the clients with professional and efficient service, led by the principle

customer first.



To open-up thinking, to be good at absorbing and digesting all the advanced concepts of the world,actively integrating into the process of the world development and progress with the mentality of learning and sharing.

To nurture friendly relationships with all human beings, society and nature and work in a way that benefits all.



To work in a way that each team member is successful is to make SOFTVOGUE a 




Brand Mission

 Let vogue soften the world 



Brand Slogan

Think vogue,vogue thinking 

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