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Working Process

1. Product Design

Please share with us your new development of design idea, we are happy to help you to create an exclusive design collection and give you a rapid reaction.
Whether you bring us hand-drawn sketches, reference garment samples or a complete design, we can work with your project at any step in the design process.

2. Fabric + Trims Sourcing

We have our own independent sourcing team with sufficient experience in fabric + trims supply chains, included sustainable and recycled options.

We will provide abundant choice of the fabric and trims for you to choose, you can always find what you need to achieve right garments. 

3. Samples

We will submit samples to ensure all of the garments in right way.

1) Lab Dips: we submit 2 sets at least of lab dips for you to approve the colors.

2) Fitting samples: we make first sample to take quick action with available fabrics for you to check the outlook of garments. We can also order fabric length specially for you to make color in correct. We submit approval sample if any fitting comment based on 1st sample.

3) Pre-production sample: we submit the pre-production sample made in bulk fabric & trim for approval before garment production

4) Shipping samples: we send shipping sample per style per color from bulk for your checking before shipment.

4. Production

The production will be started after the Pre-production sample’s approval.

We will do the following to ensure production quality and workmanship.

1) Arrange for the workshop team performing this order to sample the correct fabric.

2) Pre-production meeting, Lay out and arrange production plans, formulate quality standards and process requirements, Suggest improvements to the samples of the workshop team.

3) According to the production plan, follow up the production progress daily to ensure that the production is completed as planned.

5. Inspection

During the production process, in addition to the internal quality control of the factory, we also have dedicated QC personnel who will carry out at least 3 times inspections in accordance with the AQL2.5 standard.

1) Initial inspection, At the beginning of production, mainly check whether the quality, color and quantity of fabric accessories meet the requirements

2) In-line Inspection, In the production process, mainly check whether the workmanship, quality, accessories, color matching, etc. meet the requirements.

3) Final Inspection, After the production is finished, mainly check whether the workmanship, quality, accessories, color matching, ironing, packaging, etc. meet the requirements

6. Logistics

Orders can be shipped either by sea freight (approximately 30 days) or air freight (approximately 5-7 days).
We can work with your appointed freight forwarder or our affiliate partners who offer the most competitive rates in the market.

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