How to choose suitable women’s garment for different body shapes?
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How to choose suitable women’s garment for different body shapes?

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As the saying goes, people rely on clothes, horses and saddles. Appropriate clothes not only allow the wearer to create a better overall effect by concealing and revealing different details, but also can visually modify the proportions of the body to make them look thinner. So, how should different figures choose suitable women’s garment?

The following is the outline:

  • What are the common body shapes?

  • Why choose women’s garment based on body shape?

  • How to choose suitable women's clothing for different body shapes?


What are the common body shapes?

1. Pear-shaped. Women with this figure generally have the largest visual proportions of hips and thighs overall. People with a pear-shaped body can improve their overall proportions by wearing women’s garment that emphasizes a thin waist and a high waistline.

2. Hourglass type. Women with this figure have plump breasts and buttocks and a very thin waist. In the aesthetics of European and American countries, the hourglass-shaped person is a symbol of sexiness, and the Kardashian family is the famous representative of the hourglass-shaped body.

3. Apple type. This figure is just the opposite of the pear shape. Apple-shaped females have relatively plump upper limbs and relatively thin lower limbs. Small jackets and puff sleeve skirts are relatively friendly to apple-shaped women.


Why choose women’s garment based on body shape?

1. Optimize the overall ratio. The reason why the statue of David can be appreciated by people all over the world after thousands of years is because of David's perfect body proportions. Similarly, the closer women get to the golden figure of 0.618, the more they conform to the mainstream aesthetic.

2. Use strengths and avoid weaknesses. The design sense of women’s garment ultimately settles on improving the strengths and avoiding weaknesses for consumers. Therefore, what consumers need to do is to use women’s garment to highlight the most shining points of their body, and then try to reduce the presence of the imperfect parts.

3. Create a personal style. Knowing your body shape and the type of clothing that suits you can more confidently display your dressing skills. In this way, consumers will find their own suitable women's styles more efficiently.


How to choose suitable women’s garment for different body shapes?

1. Identify the areas to be highlighted. The pear-shaped body is thinner on the upper body, therefore, waist-cut clothes and short tops with navels are very suitable. The apple-shaped body has slender lower limbs, so the close-fitting trousers can look thinner.

2. Identify the area to be covered. Even actors who are better than ordinary people are sometimes said to be fat because they wear the wrong clothes. Therefore, you can properly cover the fatter parts of your body. For example, an A-line big skirt is very suitable for a pear-shaped figure.

3. Create details and highlights. In many cases, the clothes are top-wide and bottom-thin or top-thin and bottom-wide. In short, you can always wear and put together in order to have a fashionable personal style.


In short, choosing the right women’s garment according to the body type is one of the most efficient ways to wear. Only when consumers understand themselves can they make better decisions about women's wear. Hangzhou Softvogue Investment Co., Ltd. is a multinational women's clothing manufacturing company with many years of experience. We welcome you with professional and reliable services.

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