How to choose women’s upper garment?
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How to choose women’s upper garment?

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Compared with trousers, woman’s upper garment has more different designs. In the overall wear effect, tops often occupy a very conspicuous position. So, how to choose ladies' tops?


The following is the outline:

  • Why choose ladies' tops

  • How to choose woman’s upper garment

  • What should I pay attention to when choosing woman’s upper garment

Why choose ladies' tops

1. Create a visual center. If the overall outfit is very simple, it will appear dull and not bright. Theoretically speaking, the highlight of women’s garment is generally concentrated on tops with changeable styles. In addition, the color matching of the top and bottom can also create a feeling of echoing.

2. The vision is tall and thin. Different women have different body shapes, but it has always been a unified rule for all outfits to use their strengths and avoid weaknesses. Appropriate top design can stretch the waist line visually, and the arm can cover the fat by pattern design.

3. Show your personality. Women's blouses have a variety of colors, and the neckline alone has countless styles such as round collar, stand-up collar, cross collar, V-neck, and lotus leaf collar. The pattern on the chest and the styles of women's arms can be used as a space for consumers to show their individuality.

How to choose woman’s upper garment

1. Choose the right color. Color psychology believes that different colors have different psychological effects on people. Red represents dignity and blood, yellow represents youthful vitality, blue is calm and melancholy, and green is calm and vitality.

2. Choose the right style. Woman’s upper garment is not only divided into long sleeves and short sleeves. In details such as pattern design and neckline cuffs and hem patterns, women’s garment always shows delightful changes.

3. Choose the right size. The size of women's clothing does not necessarily have to be selected strictly according to the figure. The boyfriend style requires women to buy women’s garment larger than their original size, while the BM style emphasizes smaller-size close-fitting women’s garment.

What should I pay attention to when choosing woman’s upper garment

1. Make a budget in advance. Many women like to go shopping, and it is easy to lose control of their desire to buy when they see good-looking women’s garment, leading to overspending. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the budget for the day in advance.

2. Shop around. Only by understanding the market can we make better decisions. Therefore, don't buy clothes that are more satisfactory when you come across. You can choose to shop more, maybe you can find clothes that are more satisfactory to you.

3. Grasp your own style. Many people dress only for comfort, not style. But this is also a casual style. Therefore, you must understand your own style in order to buy suitable women’s garment.

In short, choosing the right women's blouse can add a lot of color to yourself. To make a decision, you need to understand the market price of the product, understand your body shape and make a budget in advance. Hangzhou Softvogue Investment Co., Ltd. is a women’s garment production and processing company with many years of experience. If you have any related questions, please come here to consult.

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