How to match women's foundation garments?
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How to match women's foundation garments?

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Clothing collocation is not exclusive to fashion magazines. Anyone can wear their own style according to their own preferences, as long as they have a certain aesthetic knowledge. So, how should women's basic clothing match?


The following is the outline:

  • What is basic ladies clothing

  • Why do you want to match basic ladies' outfits

  • How to match ladies' basic outfits

What is basic ladies clothing

1. The style is simple. As the name suggests, basic women’s garment is like the foundation of a high-rise building, and basic women’s garment is often used in fashionable outfits. Similar to solid color T-shirts, white shirts, jeans, etc. Such women's clothing will never go out of fashion.

2. The color is single. In theory, all monochrome windbreakers, striped shirts, straight pants, hoodies, etc. can be called basic women’s garment. However, in real life, people often regard clothes with relatively plain colors as basic styles, and women's clothing with high saturation colors such as bright red are excluded.

3. It can be seen everywhere. Basic women’s garment is basically sold in any women's clothing store. Although the price and quality are different, the styles are basically similar and there are many buyers.

Why do you want to match basic ladies' outfits

1. Wear your own style. Fashion is a cycle. The flared pants that were popular in the 1950s did not know when they returned to the fashion center. Therefore, instead of following the fickle fashion trend, it is better to have a style that suits you and wait for the fashion trend to blow on you.

2. Improve your appearance. As the saying goes, a woman is a person who pleases herself. Dressing up oneself is not only about the makeup of the face, but also the overall effect of clothing on a person. Using basic women's clothing to wear, you can create your ideal personal image.

3. It is both comfortable and stylish. There is a great need for basic clothing that is not too public in daily life. The simple design of women’s garment can show the wearer's clean and temperament.

How to match ladies' basic outfits

1. Pay attention to color matching. There are many types of differences in colors, such as contrasting colors, adjacent colors, and complementary colors. Generally speaking, in daily life scenes, the same color is easy to match with a sweet and quiet feeling, and contrasting colors are playful and have personality.

2. Pay attention to the scene collocation. Modern mobile advertising pays attention to scene-based push. Because consumers need different women’s garment to wear on different occasions. School-style navy and round neck clothes are more popular in schools, and neat v-neck women’s garment is more popular in the workplace.

3. Take into account personal preferences. Wearing is just an expression of personal style, clothes are used to set off people. Therefore, consumers' personal preferences should be considered before style.

In short, the matching of basic women’s garment is very important. Appropriate wear can enhance women's temperament and attractiveness. Hangzhou Softvogue Investment Co., Ltd. is a multinational company with many years of experience in the production of women's clothing. It will provide you with high-quality and low-cost services.

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