What are the advantages and disadvantages of PU clothing?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of PU clothing?

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PU clothing is a common type of clothing. The material of this imitation leather is low in cost, and its various properties are similar to real leather. Therefore, PU garment is also called artificial leather clothing. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of PU clothing?

The following is the outline:

  • What are the advantages of PU garment

  • What are the disadvantages of PU clothing

  • Is PU garment worth buying


What are the advantages of PU clothing

1. The price is low. Compared with leather materials, PU garment is cheap to counterfeit and easy to mass produce. Therefore, in the vast apparel market, the imitation leather most commonly used by ordinary consumers is PU garment.

2. Good quality. Artificially produced imitation leather clothing has almost the same characteristics as real leather, except that the leather is slightly better in terms of the service life and certain properties of the clothing. However, it is very cost-effective to exchange a huge price gap for a small quality difference.

3. The audience is wide. In consumers' purchasing decisions, they are often influenced by the surrounding opinions and environment, resulting in a herd mentality. In addition, PU clothing has a wide audience. Purchasing PU clothing can be well integrated into the target group and strengthen the sense of group belonging.


What are the disadvantages of PU clothing

1. It is difficult to tell the authenticity of the products in the market. High-quality PU garment can indeed match the quality of genuine leather. However, PU materials in the market are also of good quality, and there are even many garments that do not meet PU quality inspection standards into the market.

2. Positioned in the low-end market. Due to the low cost of PU material, this type of clothing is rarely seen in many high-end clothing markets. Therefore, high-end consumers may rarely be included in the target consumer group.

3. Some aspects of performance are not as good as leather clothing. Leather clothing is significantly better than PU garment in terms of texture, water resistance and service life. Therefore, consumers who buy PU garment should adjust their psychological expectations in advance.


Is PU clothing worth buying

1. Choose according to consumption concept. Some consumers prefer leather with good quality and good price, and some consumers prefer PU garment with lower prices and more styles. Different consumption views will lead to different consumption decisions.

2. According to the occasion of use, PU garment can be used in various occasions, and the low price allows consumers to not damage the clothing in time and not feel distressed.

3. Choose according to aesthetic preference. The difference in material is not the key factor that determines that the clothing is worth buying. In addition, factors such as clothing design style and color matching should also be considered.


In short, PU clothing is of high quality and low price, with various styles. To determine whether you need PU garment, you can make a decision based on your own consumption outlook and consumption level. Hangzhou Softvogue Investment Co., Ltd. is a professional garment production, design and processing enterprise. For more information about PU garments, please visit the company's official website to inquire.

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