What are the advantages of men’s cotton stretch garments?
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What are the advantages of men’s cotton stretch garments?

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Only when you have a certain understanding of the types and materials of men’s garment, can you quickly make the right choice when making clothing matching and purchasing decisions. So, what are the advantages of men's cotton stretch clothing?

The following is the outline:

  • What are the advantages of men’s cotton stretch garments

  • How to wash men's cotton stretch clothing

  • How to store men’s cotton stretch garments


What are the advantages of men’s cotton stretch garments

1. comfortable to wear. Cotton has a long history and has been a favorite clothing fabric since ancient times. Men’s garment made of cotton has the characteristics of good breathability, sweat absorption, easy drying, and softness. It is especially suitable for men who exercise a lot.

2. Great flexibility. People are in motion all the time. Therefore, elastic men’s garment is more suitable for daily wear than inelastic clothing. In addition, even if there are some fluctuations in weight, buyers can easily wear cotton clothing.

3. Easy to take care of. Cotton clothing is not as exquisite as silk fabrics. If properly placed, cotton men’s garment will not easily appear wrinkles.


How to wash men's cotton stretch clothing

1. Hand wash. This most traditional cleaning method can thoroughly clean up the key parts of the clothes, such as the mouth of the clothes. Hand washing is one of the cleanest ways to clean. However, hand washing requires a lot of time and energy.

2. Machine wash. The working principles of all kinds of washing machines are similar. They are cleaned by mixing the clothes at high speed and mixing the laundry detergent and clothes. Most cotton men's clothes are suitable for machine washing, but washing too frequently may cause the clothes to deform.

3. Dry cleaning. Sending it to a dry cleaner for cleaning can protect the clothes to the greatest extent. However, the dry cleaner is more expensive. If it is not for the precious and commemorative cotton men’s garment, it is recommended that you do not need dry cleaning.


How to store men's cotton stretch clothing

1. Hanging storage. After hanging by various clothes hangers, it is placed in the closet, which can not only avoid dust pollution, but also put the clothes from getting wrinkled. However, the hanger used for hanging needs to choose a rounded arc and good quality , which can prevent damage to the clothes.

2. Fold for storage. At this time, the most common storage method in the family. The folded men’s garment can be classified by color, season, style, etc., and placed in a fixed storage box.

3. Place mothballs. Camphor has the characteristics of insect-proof and moisture-proof. Putting a small amount of mothballs in the stored clothes can reduce the chance of deterioration and moldy of men’s garment, which is very practical.


In short, men’s cotton stretch garments is comfortable and refreshing, and it is a popular everyday men’s garment. Hangzhou Softvogue Investment Co., Ltd. is a multinational enterprise specializing in the production and processing of men’s garment. Any doubts about men's clothing are welcome to come to the company for consultation.

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