What are the common types of women’s garment?
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What are the common types of women’s garment?

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Compared with men's wear, women's wear has more colors and styles. Colorful women’s garment often makes consumers feel that they don't know which one to choose. So, what are the common types of women's clothing?

The following is the outline:

  • What are the common types of women’s garment

  • What are the common materials of women’s garment

  • How to choose the right women’s garment


What are the common types of women's clothing

1. Ladies' intimate clothing. There are many styles of women’s garment. Therefore, it is difficult to count the types of women's clothing simply according to dresses, skirts, T-shirts and other styles. Ladies' close-fitting clothing can include many styles. Regardless of the specific shape of the design, the purpose of this kind of close-fitting clothing as a whole is to show the graceful curves of women.

2. Women's loose clothing. Common representatives include windbreakers, loose-fitting sweaters, loose-fitting hoodies and so on. This kind of loose women's clothing is very comfortable, suitable for home and daily wear.

3. Clothing with a certain sense of design. This type of clothing is not simply close-fitting or loose-fitting, but deformed in specific details. For example, the A-shaped skirt is suitable for women with a pear-shaped body, and the puff sleeves can cover the fat on the arms.


What are the common materials of women’s garment

1. Cotton. Pure cotton clothes and clothes whose main fabric is cotton mixed with a small part of other materials can be included. Cotton women's wear is very breathable and comfortable, and the texture of the clothes is also very soft. Therefore, cotton clothing is one of the most commonly used materials for women's clothing.

2. Multi-material splicing. Common clothing materials such as nylon, polyester, PU, etc. are often used in the design of women's clothing. The spliced clothing of multiple materials takes into account the advantages of various materials and can produce products suitable for the needs of different consumers.

3. Silk. Silk is a long history of clothing material. In ancient times, only people with certain status and wealth were qualified to use silk products. In modern times, silk has fine texture, elegance and beauty, and is favored by female consumers.


How to choose the right women's clothing

1. Trust your instincts. Women are emotional animals, and their sixth sense is often unexpectedly accurate. Therefore, I believe that my first judgment will often have good results.

2. Take into account the opinions of others. In your own eyes, you often have a layer of beautification effect unconsciously. Therefore, choosing friends and relatives to make decisions together can choose the most suitable clothing for you.

3. Reasonably evaluate your own economic level. Overspending will bring a greater burden to yourself. In many cases, women’s garment is not as expensive as possible. Clothes that suit you are better than fancy outfits at sky-high prices.


In short, there are many common types of women’s garment, and the common materials are mainly cotton, silk and mixed materials. Therefore, choosing the right women's clothing for your own home occupies an important position. Hangzhou Softvogue Investment Co., Ltd. is a popular manufacturer of women's clothing. If you have any doubts about women's clothing, you can try to find answers here.

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