Why are men's basic clothing so popular?
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Why are men's basic clothing so popular?

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If you pay attention to the clothing sales of major men’s garment stores, it is no surprise that the fastest selling men's clothing will always be some basic models. So why is basic men's clothing so popular?

The following is the outline:

  • What are the advantages of men's basic clothing

  • Why are men's basic clothing so popular

  • What should I pay attention to when choosing basic men’s garment

What are the advantages of men's basic clothing

  1. Everyday all-match. Life is not a TV series. For men, there are not so many days to dress up. Therefore, a basic versatile model suitable for daily life scenes is very necessary.

  2. There is texture. Men only need to look clean and tidy as a whole. Therefore, some men who wear simple basic styles are more likely to be accepted by the public aesthetics.

  3. The price is cheap. Another significant advantage of the basic model is its low price. This means that men can purchase multiple basic models at once, which can save a lot of time for wearing.

Why are men's basic clothing so popular

  1. The power of role models. Facebook founder Zuckerberg’s iconic outfit is a gray T-shirt and black pants. In an interview, he mentioned that he would buy multiple pieces of the same clothes at once. Therefore, some men who take Zuckerberg as their idol may also choose to imitate.

  2. Simple. The simplicity here not only refers to the simple style, but more importantly, it refers to the convenience of putting on and taking off, and the simple collocation. Most men are unwilling to spend time on men’s garment, so basic models are more popular.

  3. Publicity in the media and advertising. According to Lippmann's theory of mimicry environment, mass media creates a mimicry environment for audiences that is different from the real environment. People who have been accepting mass media for a long time are more likely to keep their own values closer to mainstream values.

What should I pay attention to when choosing basic men’s garment

  1. Choose the right color. Although there are not many basic men's styles, there are many colors to choose from. Therefore, it is more important to choose the color that suits you. The choice of men’s garment color can refer to your skin tone, hair color and preferences.

  2. Choose the right style. Common basic men's styles include polo shirts, T-shirts, shirts and so on. Generally speaking, teenagers are suitable for basic hoodies and T-shirts. Mature men can better control polo shirts.

  3. Choose the right brand. The target audience and brand positioning of each brand are different. Therefore, consumers need to independently choose appropriate specific clothing brands according to their age and professional characteristics.

In short, the popularity of men's basic clothing is formed by a variety of factors such as social environment, male psychology and economic factors. Hangzhou Softvogue Investment Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer with many years of professional men’s garment production experience. For more questions about men’s garment, please come to consult.

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