Why are women's split-fork clothing so attractive?
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Why are women's split-fork clothing so attractive?

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If you observe film and television dramas carefully, you will find that bifurcated clothing has been widely welcomed by consumers as a type of women’s garment in various periods. The bifurcated design of Chinese traditional cheongsam has more meaning of victory, which is favored by many parents of college entrance examination candidates. So, why are women's split-fork outfits so attractive?

The following is the outline:

  • What are the common ladies' split-fork clothing

  • Why are women's split-fork clothing so attractive

  • How to choose the right ladies' bifurcated clothing

What are the common ladies' split-fork clothing

  1. Cheongsam. Cheongsam is a typical representative of traditional Chinese culture. The traditional Chinese pattern on the neckline and the bifurcated design of the legs together constitute the overall impression of consumers on the cheongsam. Cheongsam itself has no curves, and only people with a good figure can wear the charm of cheongsam. The split design at the bottom shows a bit of playfulness while being elegant.

  2. Split tops. The bifurcated design in women’s garment often enhances the overall texture of the clothing through details. For example, a small cross is opened at the bottom of the women’s garment, which is comfortable to move and has a sense of design.

  3. Split pants. Modern design not only has traditional simple bifurcation, but also integrates the elements of buttons and zippers. Consumers can adjust the length of their trouser legs.

Why are women's split-fork clothing so attractive

  1. The beauty that seems to be absent. If you have been lucky enough to visit the traditional Chinese gardens in Suzhou, you may be able to understand the vague Chinese aesthetics. The bifurcated women’s garment will change different postures while walking, and achieve elegant beauty.

  2. Suitable for different temperatures. There is a big temperature difference between day and night in Xinjiang and other places in ,, so there will be cases of wearing cotton jackets in the morning and yarns in the noon. Forked clothes with zippers and buttons are very suitable for occasions with large temperature differences between day and night.

  3. Show exquisite curves. In addition to the natural beauty of women's curvy body, they are more particular about wearing them. Therefore, women's garment with a suitable split design can highlight the key points of the figure and make it more charming.

How to choose the right ladies' bifurcated clothing

  1. Know your body condition. Your figure not only includes obvious elements such as height and weight, but more importantly, you know which part of yourself is the most beautiful and which part needs clothing to be modified.

  2. Select the appropriate split length. The dressing of women’s garment is a bit similar to painting, but they still hold the pipa half-hiddenly. Generally speaking, the length of the split should not affect normal walking, nor should it destroy the overall design sense of clothing.

  3. Choose the right way of splitting. Common ways of splitting include direct splitting, splitting with buttons, splitting with zippers, etc. Different ways of splitting are suitable for different styles of clothing.

In short, as a branch of women’s garments, women's bifurcated clothing has a lot of fun, and consumers can try to find the most suitable style for them. Hangzhou Softvogue Investment Co., Ltd. is a professional clothing production and design company, which will provide reliable and efficient clothing production services.

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