Why do you need PU clothing?
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Why do you need PU clothing?

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PU clothing is a modern synthetic clothing material, which meets the needs of users and is low in price. It is not difficult to speculate that PU garment is very popular in major clothing sales occasions. So why do you need PU garment?

The following is the outline:

  • What is PU clothing

  • Why do you need PU clothing

  • How to clean PU garment

What is PU clothing

  1. Synthetic Leather. Using professional chemical technology, it is compounded with PVC plus plasticizer and other chemical reagents. PU material imitates the texture of leather, but the variety of styles, shapes and colors far exceeds that of leather.

  2. Microfiber synthetic leather. After several generations of scientists’ joint research, the current PU garment has the moisture-resistant properties of bundled ultra-fine collagen fibers. In the internal microstructure, its performance is also more stable.

  3. Imitation leather material. Modern PU garment has an excellent performance not inferior to traditional leather in terms of user wearing experience, clothing texture and physical characteristics.

Why do you need PU garment

  1. Various styles. Traditional animal skins are comfortable and breathable, but the processing space is very small, which is one of the reasons why many leather luxury clothing styles are similar. However, PU fabrics have various shapes and can be designed and produced in different styles and patterns.

  2. Variety of colors. Generally speaking, leather products will choose to retain the original texture and color. However, PU products have many different colors at the beginning of production. Therefore, in the PU garment market, consumers have more color choices.

  3. The price is low. The leather market demand is increasing day by day, and this method of artificial synthetic leather can well replace the demand space of the leather market, which was in short supply in the past. Moreover, the price advantage of PU is also loved by many consumers.

How to clean PU clothing

  1. Washed. Consumers can use warm water below 40 degrees Celsius to clean, or they can use some mild detergents. However, organic solvents and gasoline are not suitable for cleaning PU garment.

  2. Sun exposure is prohibited. The performance of PU clothing is similar to that of leather. Direct sunlight will cause the surface of PU garment to dry out and shorten the service life of the clothing.

  3. Hanging storage. PU garment is not suitable for folding storage, which may cause irreversible creases on the surface of the clothing. In addition, hanging storage can reduce the interference of moisture, and can also help maintain the texture of the clothing, which is especially important in an environment with high air humidity.

In short, PU clothing is a high-quality artificial leather in the new era. It is of high quality and low price, and has performance that is not weaker than that of traditional leather. Hangzhou Softvogue Investment Co., Ltd. is a Chinese enterprise specializing in the production and processing of PU garments. The company has reliable services and high-quality products. Welcome to visit us.

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